Truffles Galore!

The winners of our 2013 Salute to our Soldiers giveaway were lucky enough to be sponsored by the Vermont Truffle Company.  Beautifully placed at each table setting, the truffles came packed in lovely boxes of ivory white.  But people were definitely more excited about the treats hidden within the pretty packaging than the ivory exterior!  Try not to salivate while looking at these decadent delights, we dare you!

Barrie Fisher-0356 Barrie Fisher 822 600x399

Yum! Don’t they look delicious!? Our very own Lorin Holmes even claimed that they were some of the best truffles she’s ever had!

VT Truffle Company Baileys Barrie 600x442

These rich truffles completed the special event and kept the guests and their taste buds very happy. A big thank you goes to the Vermont Truffle company for the truly sweet addition to our 2013 Salute to our Soldiers Wedding giveaway! We’ll  be seeing you later on in the year!

Photos from A Salute to Our Soldiers wedding by Barrie Fisher Photographers.