Salute to our Soldiers Update: Ric and Sienna’s Engagement Photos

Everything has been moving along swimmingly in terms of Ric and Sienna’s wedding planning.  The Save the Date’s have recently been sent, but before that Ric and Sienna had the chance to work with our good friend and talented photographer Barrie Fisher to have some engagement photos taken.  The three of them had an absolutely […]

A Groom’s True Best Man

You’ve invited your family, your closest friends, and even some of your co-workers, but you still feel like you’re missing someone important.  You wouldn’t want to forget to include someone who’s aways been by your side, a loyal friend that you’ve had for years, that may have bad breath now and then but is made […]

We didn’t plan on that!

Some surprises can be truly wonderful on your wedding day –  like a parade of hot air balloons flying overhead. Yet other surprises may not be as wonderful! And as your planning every aspect of the day, you will probably try to think of everything that could possibly happen. . Well, sometimes you can’t plan […]

Fall Wedding Photography

This fall we sent down with Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson from Ember Photography to talk about fall wedding photography. If you are even thinking of getting married in fall you will want to read about all the beauty fall has to offer…. What do you like most about fall wedding photography? The temperatures are […]