Guide to Fall Flowers

With Fall weddings in full bloom we realize matching your flowers to the season may be hard, if using flowers at all.  We asked our good friend Erin Ostreicher at Nectar & Root to help guide us in the right direction in terms of color pallets, types of flowers and creative ways to incorporate that Fall look […]

Advice from the Flower Girl

This summer, my eight year old daughter was asked to be the flower girl for her all-time favorite babysitter, next door neighbor, and animal loving friend, Sarah. We have known Sarah ever since we moved to our house twelve years ago. She started as a mother’s helper and quickly became a full-blown babysitter,  dog walker, […]

Flashback on Florists

With all the excitement lately surrounding our 2014 Salute to Our Soldiers Wedding and our participating vendors,  we’re feeling nostalgic about our Salute florists from last year’s event!  It’s incredible how as many as four different florists can come together to create stunning and cohesive floral arrangements.  Hawley’s Florist, Perennial Studio, New Leaf Organics, and […]

Chappell’s Florist: Vermont Recycles Flowers

With years of experience under their belts, Chappell’s Florist offers beautifully and professionally crafted floral artistry for every occasion.  Chappell’s is known locally for their particular knowledge on floral arrangements as well as their long lasting roses and flowers!  Their wedding artists have worked with many brides in the past creating lovely custom decor and […]