Ice Skate and Stay with your Wedding Party!

Imagine…the day of your wedding, gliding around on a private ice-skating pond with friends and family.   This unique experience is definitely something places around Vermont have to offer and can be a fun way to celebrate your special day with loved ones.  Heck, you could even get married on the ice if you wanted! The possibilities are truly endless and there are a few local venues that boast these endless possibilities at their locations.  From pristine private ice rinks, to frozen over ponds, Vermont has the accommodations necessary to host a wedding party full of ice-skating fanatics!   Take a glance at some of the wonderful places we’ve found that allow for a day full of excitement on the ice.


The Mountain Top Inn and Resort

On top of hosting our 2013 Salute to our Soldiers Wedding, the Mountain Top Inn and Resort is also able to host ice-skating parties on site!  The rink at the Mountain Top Inn usually opens at, or just prior to Christmas.  As long as Jack frost keeps the cold weather consistent, the staff will be able to well maintain the ice!  Well they have never reserved the rink for a private wedding party before, Diane Dickerman of the Resort claims that, “with a simple request, they would be delighted to do so”!  The Resort also offers skate rentals for those that are not equipped and the rink is lit up so that groups may enjoy the ice even after the sun sets.


Lake Morey Resort

Lake Morey Resort is tucked into the beautiful green Vermont Hills above the Connecticut River. These guys are who we like to call experienced professionals when it comes to outdoor skating parties.  With enough ice space to be able to rope off 3 to 15 ice rinks, this resort can, and has done private skating parties in the past.  And talk about pristine conditions! The Lake Morey Resort even owns it’s own Zamboni to clean and clear the ice, offering high quality skating! In addition to some sleek ice, the resort offers a full line of nordic, hockey, and figure skates available for rental.  Not only skates, but equipment as well! Pucks, sticks, goals, you name it, Lake Morey is prepared for anything you and your wedding party could throw at them.  Even getting married on the ice is a feasible task for this winter wonderland!


The Grafton Inn

Located in a historic section of Vermont, The Grafton Inn is one of the oldest operating Inn’s in America. With Grafton Ponds nearby,  this place has a whole slue of  fun winter activities like Cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, sleigh rides, and of course ice skating! This lovely place is also near and dear to our very own Lorin Holmes, as she was married there a few years back and can attest to its tranquil and unique facilities.  There is also the possibility of skating on a little pond at the Inn itself and rentals are available so as to offer multiple options for you and your wedding party!

Couple with Skates

Reading Farms Estate  

Stacy Gallowhur, owner of Reading Farms Estate is very pleased to assist couples in finding that special place for their wedding and somewhere their friends and family can have a good time.   While the estate can hold a good amount of guests in their barn venue, they may also be able to host some ice skating on premises.  Located below the barn, the pond is about 10-15ft deep and with the inconsistency of Vermont weather (you never know what the winters are going to be like) there is no telling if the ice from the pond would be able to freeze over enough for safe skating. But it is a possibility! And because true Vermonters never take “No” for an answer, the Estate would even be willing to have someone come in and install an ice rink on their property! Yes, this is totally doable.  There are companies all over Vermont and in the New England area that specialize in portable ice rinks and bringing that ice-skating fun directly to you!  Porta Rinx, for example, can install a rink anywhere from 10’x20′ to 100’x200′!  So while Reading Farms may not have the most reliable pond, you and your loved ones would surely be able to custom order your own ice rink and have it installed at the Estate. Stacy says, “The obvious and largest area would be what we call the “Helipad” which is close to the Main House on the other side of the Courtyard behind the theater building.” These guys have it figured out when it comes to customer satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile so that you and your wedding party can skate the day away!

Skating Couple

If you’ve been dreaming of gliding across the ice on your special day, whether it be a little pond, pristine ice, or a portable ice-rink, our amazing Vermont venues can make it happen.  Don’t sacrifice you’re wedding party expectations because you think they may be too out-of-reach because chances are, somewhere, someone, can grant your wish.  Life is full of wonderfully unique surprises, so have hope that  the solutions to you’re special wedding requests can sometimes be found tucked away in small Vermont locations.