Guide to Fall Flowers

With Fall weddings in full bloom we realize matching your flowers to the season may be hard, if using flowers at all.  We asked our good friend Erin Ostreicher at Nectar & Root to help guide us in the right direction in terms of color pallets, types of flowers and creative ways to incorporate that Fall look into your wedding bouquets and arrangements.

BouquetheadlineThis time of year Erin explained that texture and color are everything! Incorporating crops such as persimmon, pears, rose hips, white pumpkins, and seed pods can make that Fall texture pop. Autumn anemones,dahlias, and other flowers in hues of burgundy, crimson, dark plum, peach and mustard create that neutral palette that brides are often looking for this time of year.  While all the elements mentioned really scream Fall, Erin says that almost every flower variety can be beautiful in any season with the right design and color.

“Although I use an abundance of local and seasonal blooms, it can be fun to break the rules sometimes.”~Erin Ostreicher 


Now lets talk about that enchanting foliage! With Fall leaves so naturally lovely in color and shape there’s no reason not to incorporate them in your arrangements as well. Including seasonal Fall foliage is a big part of what Erin does at Nectar and Root this time of year and her designs are simply stunning.  What’s great is that beautiful Autumn arrangements don’t have to stop at the bouquets and boutonnieres.  Elements like centerpieces, ceremony decor, mantle decor, overhead installations, backdrops, and even desserts can be dressed with Fall flowers.  Erin wants everyone to know that with a little creativity, planning, and highlighting unique aspects of a venue or a couple’s story, the sky is the limit with Nectar & Root!

Authored By: Beth Abbott