Painted Vases for Your Wedding

The devil is in the little details when it comes to tying everything together for your Vermont Wedding. We are personally big fans of re-purposing and reusing things that you already own but with a twist that works for your wedding – and that’s why we really love this great DIY Glass Centerpiece tutorial found on Pinterest. […]

Welcome Baskets: A trendy wedding staple

When your guests are traveling far and wide to join in the celebration that is your wedding, reminding them that you appreciate their commitment with a little something special could go a long way.  Welcome baskets are making an appearance all over the wedding scene and they can be anything from small personalized bags with […]

DIY Personalized Mason Jars

If you follow us on Pinterest you know that we are huge fans of the mason jar trend that is popping up all over the wedding world. From formal weddings to backyard affairs, it seems that there are a million ways to incorporate mason jars into your big day. Today we want to share the idea […]

10 Ways to use Pumpkin in your Wedding

Here in vermont, you could definitely say we have a slight obsession with pumpkins. Whether it’s the yearning for pumpkin carving or for a pumpkin spice latte, incorporating pumpkin into as many things as possible seems to be at the top of everyone’s Fall priority list.  October weddings in Vermont are absolutely beautiful, and if […]

Sweet Treat Bars and Buffets

Calling all those with a sweet tooth! Ever think about having a unique buffet at your wedding to satisfy that sugary craving of yours?  Bars and buffets are becoming quite the trend at weddings.  People love seeing the colors and nostalgic treats of an old fashion candy bar, the warm and gooey taste of a […]

Stuff For Weddings: Your Answer to Find All That Stuff!

You planned it…your wedding that is. You have pinned all your favorite designs. You have decided on all the final details! Now it is time to find all that stuff! Where? Where will you find the Mason jars? Where will you find the little stones, the sand, the candles, the birch wood, the dessert plates, […]

Baked Beads Tent Sale

It’s Memorial Day weekend – the weekend where we stop and remember all the men and women who have died serving in the US Armed Service. It is also the unofficial start of the summer which means the unofficial start of wedding season! A time of reflection, a time of spending time with family, a […]